A prototype of RIGEL, the Multi-Orbit Satcom Terminal, will be presented at Satellite 2022 show in Washington, DC (March 22-24), at booth #1843 of Cassiopeia Space System Inc.

Using innovating Luneburg Lens technology, RIGEL is a multi-orbit satcom terminal, tracking multiple satellites, smaller, lighter with superior operational performances.

RIGEL is described in the short video below.


The development of RIGEL is supported by the BIRD Foundation (the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development).

As part of the joint venture between MIL-SAT and Over-Sat, the companies formed, together with ASAT (Assured Space Access Technologies Inc.), a new company “Cassiopeia Space System Inc.”  in the US, to be responsible for the marketing and sales activities of RIGEL LEO Tracker worldwide.