Borders Security and Control

Borders Security and Control infrastructure typically includes a variety of  sensors (optical, radars, intelligence etc.), electronic fencing and Command & Control centers. There is a need to integrate all these systems and to provide a reliable broadband communication network that connects all the sensors and the other systems with the Command & Control Centers,  supporting a […]

ManPack VSAT Communications

Portable VSAT communications solutions for rapid deployments in hostile environment. Motorized and lightweight system that can be set-up anywhere to provide secure data and video transmission within few minutes. It supports Ku-band or X-band configurations ensuring worldwide operation and includes built-in modem (SCPC, TDM, TDMA etc.) Compliant with MIL Spec. (MIL-810 & IP65) for shock, […]

Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Mobile VSAT

DriveAway Mobile VSAT terminals for  multiple markets and needs including: Search & Rescue, Broadcasting, Defense and many others, which require Broadband Communications and Internet services via satellite.  Solutions include a variety of  antenna sizes (75cm – 180cm) and frequency bands (Ku, Ka, X, C-band) ensuring worldwide operation. Typical operation diagram:    

Communications on the move (COTM)

Ground vehicles that requires a continuous broadband communications on the move (military, search and rescue, trains etc.) and are operating in areas without wireless coverage, needs Communications On The Move  (COTM) VSAT solutions. Typical COTM solution is described in the following diagram: