Installation Commissioning & Training

Over-Sat provides a range of on-site services, including Installation, Commissioning and Training of the local teams, regarding the operations and first level support of the system. In most cases, the system is integrated, pre-tested and calibrated prior to shipment, to minimize on-site Integration & Commissioning activities.

Customer Support

Over-Sat offers several levels of Customer Support optional services, including 24/7 online support, remote monitoring and local availability of spare parts. The Customer Support services are provided in conjunction with the trained local staff and local partners.  

Operational Services

Over-Sat provides a wide range of post-delivery services, including: Satellite air-time, System Maintenance and Upgrades. Leveraging partnerships with many Satellites operators, Over-Sat provides Satellite Airtime with competitive prices all over the world. System Maintenance and Upgrades services are provided by a combination of remote monitoring tools, local availability of spare parts, local trained staff, local […]