Shore and EEZ Protection

The Territorial and Economic (EEZ) Waters of a country are highly valuable assets that serve as a source of security and income.  Every country has the right and duty to protect its waters from all kinds of maritime criminal activities such as terror, piracy,  illegal immigration and illegal fishing.

Shore and EEZ Protection solutions typically include a variety of sensors (optical, radars, intelligence), Broadband Communications Network, Command & Control centers , Patrol boats, Ground vehicles and Air-crafts / UAVs.

There is a need to integrate all these systems  and to provide a reliable broadband communication network that connects all the sensors and the other systems with the Command & Control Centers,  enabling a reliable transfer of video, voice and data .


Over-Sat is providing a comprehensive integrated solution, including  the broadband communications and integration of all the various systems and sensors  (radars, optical, intelligence  systems etc.) operating on the sea, air and ground  platforms (patrol vessels, and air crafts, UAVs,  land vehicles, shore stations etc.)  as well as the  Command & Control centers.

We make it all working together, leveraging our extensive experience in communications (Satcom, cellular, microwave, wireline etc.) and complex system integration capabilities.

Download Datasheet:  Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Protection Solution