Over-Sat received an order for Public WLAN Network from a large Telecom Service Provider

Over-Sat was chosen by the Telecom Service Provider to deliver a Public WLAN network, that will be part of the Telecom’s backbone.

The Public WLAN (Wi-Fi) network by Over-Sat will enable the provision of broadband internet and data for public organizations, enterprises and non-governmental institutions.

In addition, the Public Wi-Fi network will be used to move traffic off the mobile network onto the fixed broadband network, so subscribers can utilize their service provider’s public Wi-Fi to avoid mobile data roaming charges or in areas with slower or weak mobile data coverage.

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About Over-Sat

Established by three veterans of the Satellite Communications industry,
Over-Sat provides Satellite based Broadband Communications solutions for mobile platforms, serving the Maritime, Airborne, and Government markets.

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