Over-Sat to deliver pioneering Portable Marine & Land Satcom Terminals

Following the development and the delivery of Portable Marine & Land Satcom Terminals to an important International Customer, Over-Sat has formally launched its unique and pioneering line of products.

The new 60cm Ku-band Portable Satcom Terminals are fully autonomous systems, that are packed and carried in three bags and installed in less than 30 minutes on a vessel or on the ground, and after the return, the systems are disassembled and are ready to be used on another vessel, or carried to another site on the ground.

The systems are fully autonomous, include an integrated satellite modem and router and do not required an external gyro, no special preparations on the vessel, and operates on DC or AC power.

The systems successfully passed Environmental and EMC/EMI tests by certification body, were tested at the customer’s site for full functionality, enabling the delivery of voice, data and video conferencing between two vessels and between vessel and ground.


About Over-Sat

Established by three executives of the Satellite Communications industry,
Over-Sat provides Satellites based Broadband Communications solutions for mobile platforms, serving the Maritime, Airborne, Ground and Government markets.

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