MOST and Over-Sat Team Up to Deliver In-flight-Connectivity for Helicopters

MOST and Over-Sat Team Up to Deliver In-flight-Connectivity for Helicopters

Following the successful flight-test of the VSAT system on Helicopters, MOST and Over-Sat announced today a collaboration, targeting together the lucrative and fast-growing market of In-Flight-Connectivity (IFC) for Helicopters and Special Mission Aircrafts.

The unique IFC solution by MOST and Over-Sat provides for the first time a full-duplex, broadband satellite connectivity supporting real-time, full-motion live Video, Internet, Voice and Data for Helicopters and Aircrafts, features that are critical for a variety of flight missions (e.g. Surveillance, Search & Rescue, Disaster Recovery and more).

Historically, Helicopters and Special Mission Aircrafts had very limited alternatives for communications, using narrow band HF/VHF/UHF, short distance Cellular or Highly Expensive, pay by Byte Satellite Solutions (e.g. Inmarsat, Iridium).

Using a breakthrough technology, the new Airborne VSAT Terminal communicates with satellites through the rotor blades, so now the crews of Helicopters and Special Mission Aircrafts can enjoy the abundance of low-cost Ku Satellite capacity to deliver continuous, real-time, full-motion live Video, Voice and Data between helicopters and the Mission Control at reasonable costs, overcoming the limitations of distance, speed and high cost.

About MOST

MOST specializes in the provision of broadband solutions for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). MOST is one stop shop for advanced mobile satellite technology with all its satellite antennas and modems developed and manufactured “in house”.

About Over-Sat

Leveraging decades of experience, Over-Sat’s team provides turn-key solutions in the area of complex broadband communications and system integration.

Servicing the Airborne, Maritime, Governmental and Energy markets, Over-Sat takes full responsibility from the early design stages, through all the project stages, including the delivery, integration, commissioning, maintenance and support.